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Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • GXBroker has 10 years of experience in software development for brokerage companies.
  • We offer ready-to-use products and custom solutions enabling businesses to start a brokerage company from scratch.
  • All solutions are thoroughly tested and have been successfully used in the industry.

About The GXOS

The digitalization of financial assets will change the way we exchange in the capital markets. The GXOS is the world's first Exchange Operating. It offers a full suite of routing and execution engines through a set of software solutions. By unpacking the various elements of a trade, users are able to have control over their trading experience. This unlocks a variety of new business models hitherto inaccessible to brokers. That is why we have build the GXBroker Platform.

Custom On-Boarding System

Catapult you're brokerage using our state of the art on-boarding suite. Everything from the initial landing pages to the registration and verification process, we have got you covered.

Multiple Routing Engines

You can now offer you're clients both centralized and decentralized trading capabilities. With our GXRounting Engine you're clients will have access to a wide array of order types without comprising on speed and price.

Liquidity Solutions

The toughest part about getting an exchange off the ground is accessing pools of liquidity. You're GXBrokerage comes connected to market makers all over the world which giving you're clients access to deep liquidity.

Access To Money Markets

The GXMarkets are the world's first decentralized money markets protocol. Both your firm and you're clients will be able to access dynamic interest rates on all your tokens assets without any intermediation.

Token Issuance Software

One of the most lucrative aspects of owning an exchange is the listing of newly issued tokens. We have build a token issuance software directly into your GXBroker so you can offer you're institutional clients the ability to create and list their next token.

Back Office Management System

Each GXBrokerage comes stacked with the latest version of the Nitrous Financial Services Management System. This will allow you to mange all exchange related operations from one simple dashboard. Everything from CRM to KYC is covered.

Full Marketing System

What good is such a great product is no one knows it exists. That is why we have built in a full suite of marketing tools for you and you're affiliates to promote and onboard new clients. Whether you use social media, multi-level marketing or digital advertising, we got you covered

Proprietary Security Software

The most important thing to us is the security of your brokerage's funds. That is why we have developed a special anti-attack software specifically for exchanges. You're clients will be reassured that the assets they hold with you are secure.

Global X Change is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform that was built with their brokers in mind. It is truly remarkable how they are recreating the current financial apparatus of market makers, brokers and dealers within this new asset class. The GXBroker product line is one of the most sophisticated set of tools that an institution can deploy to manage and grow their financial services business.
Shorupan Pirakaspathy CEO at Nvest


Banking Services

Your GXBrokerage is automatically linked to an NvestBank account that can provide you with a variety of banking solutions for all your digital assets. You will also be able to convert and withdraw your cryptocurrency into fiat currency after a bank verification process. Our GXBroker Specialists will facilitate this process during your setup.


We have partnered with several accounting software providers to ensure that you will always have accurate records. This data can be extracted directly to you're accountant for filing or auditing. Consequently we also provide verified auditing services for exchanges.


Staying compliant sends a sign of confidence to the marketplace. You're brokerage will come with a regulatory support centre where you can ensure you're operation is on top of the ever evolving regulation. We have also partnered with NvestLegal to provide registration/licensing services in certain jurisdiction for our brokers.


Contact us

Thank you! A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.